Recorded at "The Pelican" Stroud, 1990-1 and brought together by folk collector, Peter Kennedy, the Band was formed in May 1990, and since then has been playing in clubs and pubs and for weddings and dances, mainly in the Gloucestershire area but occasionally venturing further afield. Since they began, one of their most regular venues was "The Pelican", where they enjoy the friendly environment of local travellers and the landlord's understanding of the social values of popular music.

The Hooleys play for barn dances, club evenings, wakes, weddings, works-outings, and street fairs. In London, they have guested at "Mulligans" in Islington & Stratford East, at Cecil Sharp House, Camden Town and "The Fiddler's Elbow" in Kentish Town.

1. FOOTBALL CRAZY (coll Seamus Ennis 1951 publ FOLKTRAX): PK (voc/ mel), DJ (voc/gtr) & SD (voc/ odhran) - 2.45

2. Reel: The Musical Priest: PM (fid)/ DJ (gtr)/ NT (percussion) - 1.35

3. THE WAXIE'S DARGLE: PB (voc/ban)/BR (har)/ PK (fid/mel)/ PB (ban)/ DJ (gui) - 1.52

4. JIG: Dingle Regatta: PK (mel/ kazoo)/ SD (bod)/ PB (banjo)/ NJ (conc)/ KB (whi)/ - 1.45

5. LOWER THE FUNNEL (Canal Barge Song coll PK publ FOLKTRAX): PK (voc/ mel)/ SD (bodh)/ DJ (voc/ gtr) - 3.25

6. REEL: The Mason's Apron: PM (fid)/ DJ (gtr)/ NT (percussion) - 2.33

7. FAT BOTTOM GIRLS (Brian May/ Queen Music 1978): PB (voc/ banjo)/ BR (harmonica) & others - 2.35

8.JIGS: Barbary Bell, Trip to the Cottage, Pet of the Pipers: PK (mel)/ DJ (gtr) & SD (bodhran) - 2.36

9. McCAFFERTY: SD (voc/ bodhran)/ PK (voc/ mel)/ DJ (gtr) - 2.58

10. THE HANGMAN'S REEL (French Canadian: Jean Carignon) PM (fid)/ DJ (gtr) & NT (drums) - 1.57

11. THE KNICKERBOCKER LINE (coll PK from StanleY Slade Bristol 1951/ copyright FOLKTRAX): PK (voc/mel)/ SD (bodh)/ DJ (gtr) - 2.38

12. POLKA: Nancy's Fancy: NJ (conc)/ PK (mel)/ SD (bon)/ Mark (tea-chest bass) - 1.22

THE HOOLEY GANG - performers include: Paul Bianek (voc/ tenor banjo)/ Kevin Benn (whistle)/ Brian Roberts "Beaz" (harmonica)/ Simon Davies (voc/ bodhran/ bones)/ Daniel James (gtr/ banjo)/ Nicholas Johnson (conc/ mel/ whistle)/ Peter Kennedy (voc/ fid/ mel/ kazoo/ drum)/ Mark (tea-chest bass/ mandolin)/ Peter Miln (fiddle)/ Nic Taylor (drums)

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