George HOYLAND & Louis WROE

These two Sheffield dance musicians describe the Grenoside Sword Dance, sing the songs and play some of the old-time pub dances on melodeon and concertina - they also talk about other local customs, the Mummers and Old Tup. Recorded by Peter Kennedy during a Worker's Musical Association weekend course at Wortley Hall in 1959. 212GrenosideSwordDancers(Shuel).JPG

CAPTAIN'S SONG - Christmas: miners and quarrymen in winter - making your own entertainment - THE GRENOSIDE SWORD DANCE: tunes and description with the 'Nominy' of the play - the pubs and big houses, characters and costumes - AN OLD WALTZ - working in the pits - charcoal-burning by parents - SIX JOLLY MINERS - THE OLD TUP - custom at Ecclesfield & district - BRASS BAND TUNE - LANCASHIRE BREAKDOWN - CLOG DANCE - SCHOTTISCHE - VARSOVIANA





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